Here you can find some of the e-bike routes around Madesimo. If you want more detailed information, more complex GPX tracks, or a guide, don't hesitate to contact us!

Alpe Groppera loop

The classic and less challenging route to enjoy the views and visit some of the most picturesque places around Madesimo. This route is also suitable for e-bikes equipped with child seats and allows you to visit the famous Lago Azzurro.


Length: 10 km

Elevation gain: 410 m

Difficulty: Easy

Anello Alpe Groppera
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To Montespluga via Alpe Andossi

This route reaches Montespluga, the last hamlet of the municipality of Madesimo before reaching the Spluga Pass and Switzerland. The route, mostly on dirt roads, crosses the entire Alpe Andossi. The outbound journey of this route is predominantly on dirt roads, while the return journey covers more asphalt, traveling part of State Road 36. Both roads can be traveled in both directions, and it is also possible to include variants that increase the technical difficulty.

With some caution, it is also suitable for e-bikes equipped with child seats.




Length: 23 km

Elevation gain: 511 m

Difficulty: Easy


To Montespluga and back
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To Lago bianco and Pian dei Cavalli

A very spectacular route that takes you from Madesimo to discover Lago Bianco at 2270 m, passing through the meadows of Pian dei Cavalli. The route is half on dirt roads and half on tarmac, with some technical difficulties, but it's never dangerous.

On the way back, you will travel the breathtaking hairpin bends of the SS36 and the old Pianazzo-Madesimo road, also covered by the Giro d'Italia in 2021.


Length: 37 km

Elevation gain: 1540 m

Difficulty: Medium

Lago Bianco
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